• Galleries, dealers, auction houses: simplifying the buying and selling of art.
  • Artist studios: gain knowledge about specific artists and their body of work.
  • Museums: curatorial tours of contemporary exhibitions and permanent collections anywhere in the world including emerging markets.
  • Framers, installers and art handlers: the best in the business.
  • Art fairs: personalized detailed itineraries, the how-to’s of navigation.
  • Potential acquisition of works before they come to market.
  • VIP events.
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at contemporary museums and evaluations of their acquisition strategies.


  • Insight into the acquisition, management, and maintenance of a contemporary collection.
  • Advice on hanging and curating a contemporary collection at home or office.
  • Knowledge of local, state or country tax issues and consequences.
  • Detailed knowledge of post war and contemporary art history: who is making art today….why they are good, and why they will be important in the future.
  • Scrupulous investigation on secondary market purchases: authenticity, provenance, condition.
  • Talks on the history of famous collections, as inspiration and background.
  • Professional record keeping and database management.


  • Twenty-five years of arts management, private, corporate, public.
  • Strategic and conceptual assessment of your collection.
  • Trend spotting: new artists, new ideas, why and how.
  • Long term relationships with collectors, dealers, institutions, and arts professionals.
  • Connoisseurship: the best piece at the best price.
  • Educating the collector by organizing trips around the world to important contemporary exhibitions and events.
  • Negotiating and handling all aspects of potential museum gifts or loans.
  • Important insurance issues: to insure or not to insure.
  • Absolute discretion and confidentiality.